The Board of Trustees: Preserving and Sharing Our Past


The members of the Board of Trustees set the policies of The Reitz Home Preservation Society and protect the assets of the Reitz Home Museum. Responsibilities include:

Current Board Roster


  • Jennifer Stevens, President
  • Alice Nugent, Secretary
  • Klara Stone, Treasurer
  • Edwin David, Vice-President

General Members

  • Jim Back
  • Tim Black
  • Kelly Gates
  • Patrick Griffin
  • Pamela Guthrie
  • Gina Hall
  • Amanda Hooper
  • Ruth Jenkins
  • Shaunda Lynch
  • John Nugent
  • Dr. Shannon Pritchard
  • Chris Rothschild
  • Sarah Schuler
  • Tammy Shaw
  • Kevin Shekell
  • Cullen Stanley
  • Dr. Heidi Strobel