The Board of Trustees: Preserving and Sharing Our Past


The 25 members of the Board of Trustees set the policies of The Reitz Home Preservation Society and protect the assets of the Reitz Home Museum. Policies include

A Message from Board President, Steve Bugg

I can't even believe it is nearing the end of June.  The Reitz Home Museum has been blessed with a great turnout week-after-week at our Spring Wine Down to the Weekend on our outdoor patio under the big tent.  If you have not yet had a chance to join us on a Thursday evening from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. you won't miss out since we will be back in the fall after a short summer break.  Watch our website along with our social media sites for reminders.  For those that have attended, volunteered and sponsored the beverages, food or event, a big thank you as this event is turning out to be a nice fundraiser for the Reitz Home Museum.  Talking about fundraisers, the Reitz Home Museum held its most successful Derby Party in our history of hosting this event.  Again, thanks to everyone that participated in some way to make this popular event so successful.  Remember, members can receive discounts for some of our events so if you are not a member I encourage you to join the Reitz Home Museum today and gain the benefits of membership (as well as knowing your membership aids in supporting the History, Education and Preservation of the Reitz Home Museum).


Our educational programs really kept our staff and volunteers busy with us hosting over 635 school students on their Spring fieldtrips.  The recent Girl Scouts program was very successful this year as well.  The lecture series are some of the best in the Tri-State.  If you have not attended a lecture I welcome you to do so, I know you will be amazed. 


The preservation of the Reitz Home continues with the next phase of work being completed, which is focused on the roof over the front porch.  We realize many of our renovations are not very visible to the public, but trust me they are needed in order to move on to move visible renovations in the future.  Did you know that grants assist the Reitz Home Museum in funding our renovations?  If you know of grants that we should apply for please contact our Executive Director.  Our staff is busy throughout the year completing many grants, which we are thankful for receiving those funds from the grants we are awarded. 


Our very active Guild is planning a fun event at Ellis Park in July along with a grand ball in the fall.  This is certainly another way in which you can support the Reitz Home Museum and I thank all of the members of the Guild for their continual support not only in funding, but in volunteering in so many ways.


The Reitz Home Museum is always seeking volunteers for our events, committees and for our very active board.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Reitz Home Museum please contact us and I sincerely hope you enjoy your summer.  Come out for a tour of the Reitz Home Museum when you are in Downtown Evansville and you will see our ever changing collection along with experiencing all of the great changes going on in Evansville.


I am sure I will see you at a future event!  Thanks for your continued support.


Steven Bugg

Board President

Current Board Roster


  • Steven Bugg, President
  • Gregory Shekell, Vice President
  • Missy O'Daniel, Secretary
  • Cullen Stanley, Treasurer

General Members

  • Elmer Buchta
  • Barbara Butler
  • Edwin David
  • Gina Hall
  • Amanda Hooper
  • Barbara Keller
  • Margaret Koch
  • Connie McConaughy
  • Stephanie Morris
  • John Nugent
  • Alice Nugent
  • Angela Patton
  • Rebecca Rhymer
  • Sarah Schuler
  • Martha Seal
  • Jennifer Stevens
  • Klara Stone
  • Heidi Strobel
  • Jamie Wicks
  • Kirk Wright